What to expect during the session:

You will relax and enjoy a 30 minute facial massage! Your Esthetician will cover the entire surface of the face from the forehead to your neck, focusing on the areas that need the most attention.

What to expect after the session:

Most will see a lifting effect soon after the treatment, while others may need 2-3 days for the complete effects to take place. Lifting, tightening, smoothing and contouring will be noticeable as will a healthy rested look to the complexion.

Recommended protocols:

For maximum results, individuals may need 1-2 treatments weekly for up to 10 sessions. Once desired results are achieved, 1-2 sessions monthly would be recommended to maintain results. 

Not Recommended:

COSMECANIQUE  is not recommended for 3 months after any injectable filler to prevent its healthy drainage action reducing the life of the filler.


Bacteria and viruses can enter our bodies through our mouth and nose, this is why we have so many lymph nodes in our face and neck. Keeping these lymph nodes drained can result in fewer allergy attacks, and less sinus problems, therefore less antibiotics and suffering.

Manual  Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) helps our body's immune system heal itself, while increasing its defenses as it was intended to, by building up our white blood cells. Adding 30 minutes of facial manual and Mechanical Lymph Drainage (MLD) to your personalized health and wellness care this season is a great way to keep your allergies at bay and your immune system boosted.

The lymphatic system is the first line of defense against infection and disease. When the body comes in contact the lymphatics are notified and begin orchestrating your infection-fighting cells to prevent the illness and/or disease.




is the name given to the treatment which uses the Lift 6. Results include diminished fine lines and wrinkles, distinguished contours and restored firmness of the skin. The breast tissue is firmed and the structure elevated.

COSMECANIQUE is a non-invasive, relaxing 30 minute treatment for the face or decolletage. It is slightly shorter for the breast area.


LPG Lift 6 Natural Face lift machine:


The History of COSMECANIQUE:

In 1907, a Frenchman named Dr. Jacquet invented a facial treatment that included a vigorous and repetitive mobilization of the facial skin. His method revolutionized skin care during his era. However, the method had certain disadvantages for the therapists and for the client. It was very tiring for both the therapists and the client. It was very tiring for the therapist’s fingers and it was very discomforting for the client.

Today, LPG the world leader in connective tissue therapy re-invents his therapy with a new revolutionary technology called the Lift 6 (liftmassage) or COSMECANIQUE. It recreates and improves upon one of the most revolutionary facial massage techniques in the history of skin care. It avoids the negative effects and retains all the positive benefits. The Lift 6 technology is the worlds leading natural technology that gives results for face!

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